Looking for a performer who frys an egg on his head whilst juggling? A Jamming blues harpist? Roving accordian player, perhaps a balloonist that can make anything imaginable out of balloons right in front of you!

Whether it be roaming acts, circus type entertainment or street style performance we can source the weird and wonderful that will blow you and your clientele away!

Fire breathers, jugglers and twirlers, wild dancers, snake charmers, sword swallowers, contortion, acrobats, magicians, stilt walkers, human statues, you name it we can deliver to give your event or venue some wow factor to remember and keep them talking for ages!

Captain Quirk
Street Performer – Juggler/ Fire Twirler/ Stilt Walker/Whip Cracker

The man who can juggle everything, PLUS the kitchen sink!!!

Audiences around the world have watched the man we call Captain Quirk with the same astonished faces. He is able to juggle a bowling ball, a machete and an egg all whilst on a roller bowler 5 feet off the ground with a swiss army helmet on his head with a flame and frypan ontop!!! After the performance the egg is fried in the pan on top of his head!! And this is just one example of what he is able to do. Captain Quirk challenges people’s concepts of the impossible…and the pairing of ideas never considered… whilst showcasing his one in a million talent!

Juggler, Plate spinning, Fire

Giggling! Spinning! Juggling!... FIRE

A one man show of amazing proportions. He can pretty much do it all! Think one man band who can juggle and spin plates at the same time. With a steady hand Scooby makes juggling fire over an audience member look easy. Scooby has travelled all around the world and is a seasoned performer

Bubbles of Joy
Balloon Art

Bubbles that come to life and stay around for the party!

Forget balloonist who are one trick ponies. I am serious! Have you have had a balloonist make you a poddle and find out, that that is all they know? Bubbles of Joy is something else! Using various shapes, lengths and sizes of balloons, she could make you a life size poodle that could convince you it was the real deal. Well almost. Hers are better…they are on mute. Bubbles of Joy's creations will certainly demand respect of a craft many think is long gone…and for grown men and women to respect balloon art??? We're talking seriously impressive.

Fire Dancer

Fire of the Pacific

There is nothing like a performance that makes you feel like you have transported to a completely different time and space. Valentino brings the passion and intensity of fire from the South Pacific with his super speedy fire twirling, breathing and eating. Once you've witnessed his skill, you're left breathless with a smile from ear to ear because he dances with such joy and is a complete showman.

Super Hooper
Carnie Act – Hula Hooper

Hula Hoopla!

Clarke Kent may have needed a phone booth to become Superman, but the Super Hooper will change before your very eyes… all whilst…hula hoopin'!!!

Vita Flame
Fire – Pacific/ South American

Firey exotic beauty

Who says its only strong warrior men of the pacific who can spin fire to the drums of the pacific. Vita Flame is not only strong, she's super sassy and is definitely not one to shy away from Fire. From spinning fire, whilst doing the splits, Vita will surely entice audiences with her amazing skills and her charm.

Izzy Neccessary
Street Performer - Roaming

The Land of the Giants comes to you!!!

See the Giant Wonders of the World…GIANT WOMEN! GIANT INSECTS! GIANT SPACE PEOPLE! Little people of earth beware, ants are getting their payback! Watch as these giants try to blend in 70s dress sense or space boots. They try, but they can't, as no one has been brave enough uro tell them we are in the 21st Century. Try if you dare!

acrobats & fire

Acrobatics + Fire

You provide the backdrop and they'll provide that special something to make your event unforgettable! With our range of shows and talents, from Duo Acrobatics, Fire Performance, Fire Dancers, Fire Twirling, Fire Breathing and Pyrotechnics, Street Performance, Busking Shows, Stilting, Stilt Walking, Stilt Characters, clowning, hoops, fire hoop and still more…what can't these gals do?

Jezebel & CHeRRY BomB
Bed of Nails & human chopping block

Pain and Risk.

Think about the sensation of seeing something in person and live… something that you might only have ever seen on TV… in the movies… on YoutTube? These acts will certainly leave the hairs on your neck standing straight up. The risk, the thought of pain is unbearable, and yet here you see the amazing Jezebel take the pressure of an axe to a piece of wood… all whilst on a bed of nails.

Fire Fire Fire

Evil Clown straight from the gates of Hell to you..

Mistress of the DaRK ArTs & Soceress of FLaMES. PoPCoRN vendor by Day. PyRoMaNiaC by Night. FiRe Eating, FiRe Staff, FiRe Poi, FiRe Fingers, FiRe Fans, FiRe Hoop, FiRe Victims (dont stand to close), FiRe props & signs and PyRotechnics. Shows for all occasions :-) BaNG BaNG KaBooM!